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Laundry Room Makeover!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Hey howdy hey!

Going to be sharing the laundry room makeover in this post. This project turned out beautifully but it was also necessary. With two littles running around, we do a LOT of laundry and the piles were starting to overwhelm us! The main thing I wanted was a place fold laundry (aka a place for all the piles to live until I fold them or wash them again). I'll show the before and take you through all the changes we made below! I do have a whole highlight saved on Instagram @mauriathome if that's more your thing!

Here's the before:

And the after!

In this photo you get a view of the barn door we put in. A barn door on the laundry room may not be your thing, but it worked for us. This was mainly done to allow more space inside the laundry room. The previous swing door swung into a bump out and really cut into the small room.

I wanted folding space! The first thing we did was remove the pedestals from the washer and dryer so we could lay a counter over the top. This definitely changed the functionality the most. We used an island width birch butcher block from Home Depot. This worked out nice because it fit perfectly over the top of the washer and dryer, plus we had enough excess for the shelves.

We had plans to reuse a kitchen cabinet we removed during our kitchen reno, but it ended up being massive in the space, the next best solution was this white stock shaker cabinet from Home Depot. You may be wondering what the three sided box is for? Well, it hides all this stuff:

Being the budget ballers we are, we didn't want to pay a plumber and an electrician to move all these components. Plus we figured if they were moved below the counter we would have a hard time accessing the water shut off in an emergency. So the solution was the three sided box. Check out my instagram story highlight 'Laundry Room' for more info!

I get asked about the wallpaper frequently- it's not wallpaper! It's linoleum floor tiles by Wall Pops! and I have linked the design we used here. These are attached to the wall with some adhesive and nails, so its not a renter friendly solution when used on the wall. However, these were extremely cost effective and installed them on my own eight months pregnant- so minimal effort required and they make a big impact.

Just a pretty little mirror and hooks to hang things since the garage entry is right next to this room.

A final shoutout to the bead board ceiling and beautiful light fixture! We used MDF bead board planks, some adhesive and nail gun to get these up. It was fairly simple and I love it in place of the old fluorescent light and weird textured ceilings.

Please let me know if you have any questions, you can email me at, find me on Instagram, or leave a comment below!





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