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Christmas for a Baby Boy's Room

This is the first Christmas we've shared together since our son's nursery was finished, naturally I wanted to decorate it without breaking the budget! Here's how things turned out:

I kept with the colorful theme of his room for his Christmas decor. The total to create all of this was $44 and I will break that cost down for you too, it doesn't include items I already had!

The Rainbow Wreath

I started with this plain white pom wreath from Target. Then I hot glued som wool poms that I had on hand (from the garlands I had made for Truitts window) to add in some color. This was so simple and I love the way it turned out. Don't be afraid to get crafty for Christmas! I finished off this little shelf area with three trees from the Target dollar spot which were $9, bringing the total for this space to $29.

The Llama Tree

This fun little tree only cost me $3- which paid for the llama topper. Everything else I had. I made the pom garland, the lights were left over from last year, the tree was on my porch last year and the tree skirt was from my daughters room last year! I love the whimsy of it and also there's no small individual pieces that could find their way to small mouths.

The Cozy Corner

I finally got a comfy chair for Truitt's room, not for Christmas, just because I needed one-- the office chair was not vibing anymore. In celebration of my comfy chair, I decided to decorate these little corners. I used faux cedar garland that I got at Micheal's last year- I really love this garland its full and easily maneuverable but I couldn't find it this year. I layered mini pom garland from World Market (last year) and some twinkle lights I had on hand (I use twinkle lights year round). I finished off the space with this pillow and with the graphic below which I made using pic monkey (I changed the color way and used it in my daughters room too)! The total for this area was $10.

Let me know if you have questions! I love the way his room turned out and I am happy I was able to use so much of what I already had.

Happy Holidays!




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